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Jetpack para tu server

Well, duh, it's a jetpack! It allows you to travel freely wherever you aim with some added thrust

Client commands:
  • say /jetpack
  • jetpack
    Buys jetpack
  • say /dropjp
  • dropjp
    Drops jetpack
  • jp_active <0|1>
    Default: 1
    Turns jetpack off/on
    jp_cost <0-16000>
    Default: 2500
    Cost of the jetpack
    jp_max <#>
    Default: 4
    Max # of jetpacks that can be bought
    jp_speed <#>
    Default: 500
    Speed of the jetpack
    jp_trail <0|1|2>
    Default: 1
    0: No trail, 1: Smoke trail, 2: Flame trail
    jp_dropondeath <0|1>
    Default: 1
    Disables/enables jetpack dropping on death
Required Files:
- sound/jetpack.wav ( included in the ZIP )
- sprites/lightsmoke.spr ( included in the ZIP )

Required Modules:
- Engine
- Cstrike

- KleeneX: part of the drop code
- sambro: trail function

Screenshots will be added soon! Enjoy
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[Plugin] POD en tu server :O

Control of quota podbot mm bots on the server.

It keeps the constant amount of bots on the server (ie 10) until another
constant amount of human-players joins the server. Then (if there is more people than that amount) - next human enters - one bot gets kicked (not before). It doesn't kick all bots at once after more than some constant minimal amount of humans is on the server, but it kicks them one by one (one bot for one player above the minimum humans on the server), but it's the common thing the people are asking me here and at bots-united forum.

Plugin cvars:

pb_min_humans (default - 10)
pb_bots_quota (default - 10)

Once more - this plugin is supposed to keep the constant amount of bots all the time on the server - unless the condition is not fullfilled:
(amount_of_humans - pb_min_humans - pb_bots_quota <= 0)
If You want to remove the bots You can pause this plugin, then use pb removebots command.

This plugin has been requested here by Spiky Pirate.
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[Plugin] Bomb Lights

Description :
When planting the bomb,the lights of the map goes darker...after planting,the lights are more darker....while defusing,the lights goes lighter and after defuse the lights goes back to normal.Also after the bomb explode the lights are very dark and on a new round the lights are set to normal ! Also again,if the bomb is droped the lights goes darker and at pickup the lights are set back to normal. New! The lights of the map goes darker while counting down the seconds from the bomb

Author : Anakin
Version : 4.0
Changelog :
- Added ML
- Added cvar pointer
- Added light countdown
- Removed csx
- Fixed light bug at new round
- Optimizated code
- Changed to fakemeta
- First released
Credits : atomen - fakemeta function

Install :
1. bomb_lights_v4.amxx -> amxmodx/plugins
2. Add in plugins.ini :

Cvars :
bomb_lights 1/0 -> enabled/disabled ( default 1 )

Modules :

Images :

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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (bomb_lights_v4.sma - 105 views - 2.9 KB)

Plugins By: VARO ^^
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